As a result of our long and professional involvement in the preparation of numerous plans and manuals of all types in conformity with current Statutory Requirements and Class Regulations, we have been successful in establishing and implementing by ALPHA MARINE Consultants PC, the most simple and effective formats which are now recognized and promptly approved by all leading Classification Societies.

The manuals with which we are most frequently involved with are:

  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP)
  • Shipboard marine pollution emergency Plan (SMPEP)
  • Shipboard Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP)
  • SOLAS Person Recovery Plan
  • Bio-fouling Management Plan
  • Emergency Towing Booklet
  • Cargo Securing Manual
  • Water Ballast Management Plan


  • Ship Security Plan
  • Volatile Organic Compounds Manuals (VOC)
  • Ship to Ship Transfer Manuals (STS)
  • Procedures & Arrangement Manuals (P&A)
  • Fire Control Plan
  • SOLAS Training Manual. (Fire and Lifesaving manuals)
  • Garbage Management Manual
  • Oil transfer procedures as per USCG
  • Sewage pollution prevention plan
  • Shipboard oily waste management plan
  • Fuel oil management plan (including change over procedure )
  • MLC manual
  • Polar training manual
  • Vector management plan
  • Other as mandated