The basic scope of our services can be summarized in:

  • Shipbuilding Technical Specifications  &  Contract for construction – Review / Commenting / Evaluation
  • Plan Approval of drawings  and makers documentation review
  • Supervision during construction onsite
  • Yard and ship building facilities evaluations


The above include but are not limited to the following:

  • Technical Presentation of Owners Requirements and technical/commercial Requests.
  • Preparation of Preliminary Specifications (Based on standard and commonly accepted existing designs).
  • Evaluation of Initial/Outline specifications.
  • Complete review and evaluation of detailed final technical specifications.
  • Shipyard facilities / subcontractors and other workshop areas evaluation.
  • Evaluation & Technical assistance / legal guidance on Builder’s / Buyers contracts and binding documents consisting part of an agreement.
  • Negotiations with Builders on proposed specifications, initial plans scope of work and distribution of same as also to the commercial contracts prior to final settlement and signing.
  • Maker’s selection and equipment to be installed evaluation and assistance.
  • Assistance in major and vital Design issues and modification and approach on how same can be solved.
  • Design Drawings and documentation submitted detailed review and Approval on behalf of the buyers.
  • Participation in various technical nature meetings with the designers.
  • Visits on site and assistance for the establishment of the site office team.
  • Participation on various major events on behalf of the buyers.
  • Participation on Sea Trials.
  • Co-ordination and co-operation with the Classification Society representatives and Regulatory Bodies.
  • Support to the owner in forming, developing and set in force the supervising team on site  and subsequently monitor the assigned team during the construction period.
  • Handling all the relevant correspondence between yard/design institute/classification and on site representatives to the consent of the owners or his designated technical representative.
  • Undertaking the entire responsibility for the supervision of the vessels construction (turn-key situation)
  • Preparation of relevant documentation and manuals required in co-ordination with yard design team for the delivery of the vessel.

The company’s involvement with new building specifications/contract reviews, plan approvals and supervisions during construction to the present date, can be summarized in the following: new building projects


New Building Club (NB Club)

Taking advantage of our accumulated technical expertise and long experience on the recent proven designs adopted by recognized design institutes from Far East as well as their proven quality products and capabilities of the shipyards, we had initiated the gathering concept of small to medium size shipping companies in order to form a pool which was named New Building Club (NB Club).

The objective and the purpose of this pool are to obtain the maximum possible consensus from the shipyards and to secure good quality ships at reasonable prices, financial terms and convenient delivery dates.

The applied procedure is to generate initial interest for a reasonable number of mutually accepted standard type and size vessels of high commercial value in the market, for which preliminary outline specifications may also be developed.

Once this is achieved then a very strong negotiating tool is ascertained with which CS & Associates S.A can approach a selected shipyard and achieve the maximum possible consensus and benefits to the best interest of the NB club members involved.

All the above services, together with full legal coverage and support from a leading legal firm with which CS & Associates SA are collaborating can, if required by the NB club members involved, be offered on a “No Cure No Pay Basis” while all steps are conducted by exchanging information and obtaining the concurrence of all the participating shipping companies.

The N.B. Club and the legal firm if utilized are to be compensated with a mutually agreed fee, only if the companies involved are profited from the services offered, which becomes evident only if they finally decide to sign a contract or contracts for buildings ships.