The basic scope of our services can be summarized in:

  • Shipbuilding Technical Specifications  &  Contract for construction – Review / Commenting / Evaluation
  • Plan Approval of drawings  and makers documentation review
  • Supervision during construction onsite
  • Yard and ship building facilities evaluations

The above include but are not limited to the following:

  • Technical Presentation of Owners Requirements and technical/commercial Requests.
  • Preparation of Preliminary Specifications (Based on standard and commonly accepted existing designs).
  • Evaluation of Initial/Outline specifications.
  • Complete review and evaluation of detailed final technical specifications.
  • Shipyard facilities / subcontractors and other workshop areas evaluation.
  • Evaluation & Technical assistance / legal guidance on Builder’s / Buyers contracts and binding documents consisting part of an agreement.
  • Negotiations with Builders on proposed specifications, initial plans scope of work and distribution of same as also to the commercial contracts prior to final settlement and signing.
  • Maker’s selection and equipment to be installed evaluation and assistance.
  • Assistance in major and vital Design issues and modification and approach on how same can be solved.
  • Design Drawings and documentation submitted detailed review and Approval on behalf of the buyers.
  • Participation in various technical nature meetings with the designers.
  • Visits on site and assistance for the establishment of the site office team.
  • Participation on various major events on behalf of the buyers.
  • Participation on Sea Trials.
  • Co-ordination and co-operation with the Classification Society representatives and Regulatory Bodies.
  • Support to the owner in forming, developing and set in force the supervising team on site  and subsequently monitor the assigned team during the construction period.
  • Handling all the relevant correspondence between yard/design institute/classification and on site representatives to the consent of the owners or his designated technical representative.
  • Undertaking the entire responsibility for the supervision of the vessels construction (turn-key situation)
  • Preparation of relevant documentation and manuals required in co-ordination with yard design team for the delivery of the vessel.

The company’s involvement with new building specifications/contract reviews, plan approvals and supervisions during construction to the present date, can be summarized in the following: new building projects