Kostas Spyrou

Kostas is the Professor of Dynamic Stability and Safety of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), currently serving also as the School’s Dean. A graduate of the same School, he received his PhD from the University of Strathclyde where he holds, for several years, the honorary title of Visiting Professor. He stayed in Japan, sponsored by the Japanese Science and Technology Agency; at University College London as a “Marie-Curie” (EU) scholar; and at ABS (Houston) on sabbatical leave from NTUA. He is an international expert on nonlinear ship dynamics, stability theory and maritime safety. His research has been supported by several national and international sources including the US Office of Naval Research and the European Commission. He is the current chairman of the International Committee on the Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles and also of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT). He has the honorary title of Fellow from the two traditional societies of naval architecture, SNAME and RINA.

Christos Konstandinidis

He has gained his Aeronautical Diploma in Chelsea College, London, UK, 1976,  and he is been trained in a number of Engineering topics in Greece and USA by General Electric and Lockheed. Also he is been trained in management topics, such as Total Quality Management, Risk management, Total Management. He developed engineering professional capabilities in Hellenic Aerospace Industry as Quality Process engineer in diffusion coatings and repair techniques. Also in Olympic Airways as Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent. He developed professional Research and management capacity in Avitronics Research as Aeronautical research Engineer in Health Management research and Safety, designing innovative maintenance programmes. He drew up a number of EC proposals, he participated in the core team of Research Projects, specialising on Aeronautical technology and human factors. He developed Exploitation and Commercialisation professional capabilities in EDM Network UK, as exploitation strategies manager. His latest involvement in Maritime World is focused in Technology transfer of Aeronautical maintenance engineering, Safety and regulations procedures to maritime Industry. He is being cooperating with CS & Associates, especially in the Compressed Natural Gas context.

Associates not listed

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