Regulatory Requirements

The todays regulatory framework that refers to the necessity   of a 24H Emergency Responce Services is summarized in the following:

  • MARPOL Annex I, Regulations No. 28 & 37(4)
  • MARPOL Annex II, Regulation No. 17
  • US Coast Guard requirements – OPA 90
  • ISM code, Section 8.
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plant (SOPEP)

A cost effective computerized shore based facility based on a specialized software and approved by underwriters and classifications/administrations (HECSALV v. 7.8.0-1) which is monitored by a selected team of naval architects and emergency response engineers, ensures immediate and professional support on a 24/H basis for stability and hull strength calculation and assessment in case of a vessel major incident (collision, damage or grounding).



Considering that any damage suffered or caused by a ship or to a ship has both technical and legal aspects as also commercial disadvantages, we have blended our knowhow and expertise with that of a leading legal firm which enables us to also offer advise and support in such direction if requested.


Actual Conditions

We established procedures enabling us to efficiently and cost effectively offer at the same time both legal and technical services and support to our clients, if and when requested.

Up to date, we have registered in our computerized facilities the models for over one hundred (100) vessels of various types and sizes and have issued certificates as per the sample shown in Figure 1 which is also accompanied by an Emergency Response Manual in more details and explanatory format. The data sheets and forms to be used for each case are included in the above.

It should be noted that this service is primarily intended to provide full coverage to our clients for safety and insurance purposes. In the meantime drills carried out annually or more frequently, between three (3) parties involved such as the vessel, the managing company and the ERS provider (CS&A) facilitate the understanding of the procedures and actions to be taken in case of a real incident.